How To Get Keys In Geometry Dash

geometry dash keys

Gaming is fun, entertaining, and worth your time and energy. However, it can also be very dull once in a while, which is why some people get into it and quit after some time. For that reason, it is the work of the game developer to ensure that they are always up to date. They should work towards remaining relevant through different generations and changing demands in the market. The best way of doing this is by updating their gaming ups now and then to capture the attention of their fans.

Geometry Dash Hack

One of the gaming apps we have in the market today is Geometry Dash. We can congratulate them on their efforts to capture the attention and concentration of their fans through the treasure room. And just like in real-life, treasure rooms are always under lock and key and tight security. Therefore, to get to Geometry Dash’s treasure room, you need a key.

What Is The Treasure Room?

The treasure room is one of Geometry Dash World’s secret feature that is being introduced in Update 2.1. You find this room in the directive menu in the lower right corner, and gaining access to it requires five keys.

The treasure room has 17 screens as the first features, and each contains 200 silver chests. All these silver chests have different keys to open them. In the first ten chests, you will find Icon Kit rewards, while the 190 remaining chests contain random rewards. Some of the things you can find in these 190 chests include:

·         50 to 1000 mana orbs

·         5, 10, 20, or even 30 diamonds.

·         You can also find five diamonds and 100 mana orbs, or ten diamonds and 200 mana orbs.

·         It is also possible to find 1, 2, or even 3 shards of one type.

·         Finally, some chest boxes contain two shards that are of two different types.

There are three large chests in the second last screen, which are only unlocked by getting opening enough regular chests of silver or gold. All these chests each contain icons, and the first large chest also has a green key that you use in removing the green lock located in the basement.

How Do You Get The Keys To All These Treasure Boxes?

Earning these keys is very easy. All you will need to do is to get yourself 500 orbs. The more orbs you have, the more chest you can open, and the more chests you open, the more treasures you receive.


As mentioned before, Geometry Dash has tried very much to ensure that they keep their fans entertained throughout the game. Therefore, there are so many activities involved in the game as well as many goals to achieve. It will not be easy for a gamer to complete all the tasks on this game, and if they do, it will take centuries to do so.