Geometry Dash Secrets – Things That People Doesn’t Know

geometry dash secrets

What keeps a game alive is the creativity of the developers. This is because the gaming world is becoming crowded with time, as different games are being developed every day. With the upcoming new game developers, there is much competition in the gaming industry. Therefore, gaming developers have to up their game to ensure they remain relevant in the industry.

Robert Topala, who is the developer of Geometry Dash, understands this concept better than many other gamers. Therefore, he is doing his best to ensure that he keeps on updating Geometry Dash to ensure that he remains on top of the game. One of the newest upgrades is the geometry dash secret which is again is subdivided into the categories listed below:

1. Vault

Vault is one of the secret features of the game. You find this feature in the setting menu, and a padlock represents it. It is located in the upper right corner of your screen. To gain access to the vault, you will need ten user coins. The vault contains an angry padlock button and a text field identified as “The Guard,” but its true name is Spooky.

What you enter into the text field is what will determine whether you will be able to open it or not. Once you press the button on the padlock, it returns a response. There are some specific phrases that you can enter to unlock the padlock. These phrases are secret coins, Icon Kit Rewards, and associated achievements.

2. Vault of secrets

Vault of Secrets is another secret feature of the Geometry Dash Game. To unlock this feature, you will need a total of 50 diamonds. Just like the Vault feature, you will also find a padlock button and a text field in this feature. Although its real name is Glubfub, it is identified as “Keymaster”, when you press the button, it clears any input you enter in the text field and cycles through a number of responses.

As you continue entering certain phrases, your secret coins and Icon Kit rewards will be unlocked. At the same time, you will also have any related achievements unlocked as well. Since this one is a bit tricky and the player will need to enter a series of phrases before unlocking the secret box, they are given some hints. The hints come in the form of green phrases and are meant to help the player to guess the codes.


There are many other secrets in the Geometry Dash game, which are Chamber of time. This secret is only opened by purchasing the Master Emblem, which is available in the secret shop. This goes by the name Gatekeeper.

The other geometry dash hack secret is the basement. To open this secret, you will need to complete the “The Challenge” level. “The Challenge Level” is another feature you will find in Geometry Dash as well as Geometry Dash world only. This explains why the Geometry Dash is becoming very famous despite it not being in the market for long.