How To Get Diamonds In Geometry Dash

geometry dash diamonds

Since the development of the Geometry Dash gaming app, the game has continued making a wave in today’s video game industry. What matters most now is not who developed the game or when it was released in the market. What players care more about now is how to go through different levels in the game and to get different collectibles?

The Norm Of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash game is no different from other video gaming apps. When it comes to upgrading and coming up with better packages for their fans, they are outstanding. Expansion and upgrading have become the norm of the Geometry Dash game. They always have something new in store for devotees. This is not only an advantage for gamers but also for game developers as well. This is because their creativity is attracting more people, and their list of fans is growing by the day.

Collectables In Geometry Dash Game

There are many collectibles on Geometry Dash as well as Geometry Dash World, and getting these collectibles is a task. Some of them include; secret coins, Mana orbs, Shards, Keys, User Coins, and Diamonds, among others.

Uses Of Diamonds

Diamonds are some of the collectibles you get in the game, and they have different uses. Some of these include;

·         Unlocking two of the shops

·         Unlocking icons and achievements.

·         They also contribute to unlocking the vault of a secret.

·         You can also use diamonds to unlock the secret level in the game known as “The Challenge.”

This makes diamonds one of the most treasurable possession you can have as a gamer in Geometry Dash. Other gamers can view your diamonds from the leaderboard or the user profile. There are many ways of earning all the collectibles available in this gaming app. When it comes to Diamonds, you can earn then through different ways as listed below:

·         You can earn your Diamonds by opening the daily chests.

·         Competing for the daily quests also assures of several diamonds.

·         Once you beat the weekly demon, you can open the chest and earn yourself many diamonds.

·         At the same time, opening chests found in the Treasure Room is another way of earning yourself some Diamonds.

·         When you play levels from Gauntlets, what you get in return is a good number of diamonds.

Last but not least, you can also earn a number of Diamonds by completing or making forward progress in the daily level or weekly demon. This is, however, a bit different as it has different scales per difficulty.


The good thing about all the above-given ways of earning Diamonds in the game are all free. This means all you need to do is to give your best and remain focused on the goal of earning as many diamonds as possible. Remember, the number of diamonds you earn determines how fast you will be able to move through different levels in the game.